How restaurants have benefited by online ordering in India?

Due to the ease and convenience as more and more people in Indian cities are preferring to order food online rather than dining out, it is the restaurants that have benefited the most. While many restaurants are having tie ups with aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy, some restaurants like McDonalds and Dominos have their in-house apps. McDonalds reportedly had 70% of its deliveries via online ordering(i.e. its in-house app as well as third-party aggregators). Clearly, online ordering has helped restaurants in many ways:
1. Online ordering has increased restaurants’ reach: Be it creating their own app or joining a food aggregator, the restaurants can now reach to greater number of people than before in an easy way. They can get their food delivered in the remote areas that they never would have expected their customers to physically come from but with online food delivery apps they can send their food even in a location that is physically far from their restaurant location.
2. Online ordering has increased restaurants’ visibility: Due to food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy the restaurants’ visibility has increased resultingh in greater sales for the restaurants.
3. Online ordering means more business for the restaurants: India’s online food-delivery market is currently estimated to be Rs. 50,375 crore. This clearly means more business for the restaurants.
4. Online customers spend more than the offline customers: When customers see their food in the menu they tend to spend more as the food photos in the app look more visually appealing.
With all these advantages of online ordering there are some disadvantages as well like high commissions that restaurants have to pay to the aggregators. Restaurants pay somewhere between 10%-30% of each order value as commission to the aggregators depending upon who the aggregator is and what services the restaurant is availing from them and beside there is a set up fees.
Apart from this customer details are not sent to the restaurants by the aggregators thus it becomes difficult for the restaurants to create customer loyalty.
In such a scenario, Eatinng has come up with a solution that makes restaurants reap the benefits of the online ordering without having to pay heavy commission to the aggregators and for as less as Rs. 10/- a day cost.
Eatinng combines all the essential ingredients to boost your restaurant business so it is fun for you to run your restaurant business and fun for your customer also to order from you.

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