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How front ending can be simplified for restaurants and customers?

Restaurant business is all about delivering a quality experience to your customer.  The smoother the front end of the business for the customer, the easier it is to retain them. During the rush hours in a restaurant the waiters can be seen running from one table to another.  Often, due to manual process of taking orders there is a chance of error and if the order is not as per the specification of the customer, end result is an irate customer with a bad experience with a decision that he will never return to the restaurant again.

It only takes one bad experience for the customer to completely stop coming to the restaurant no matter how good the food is.  What the customer remembers is the experience.  Therefore, it is a must to give the customer the best dining experience minus any wrong understanding about what order they are giving.  For this, one needs to simplify the order taking process.

Simplified order taking process with Eatinng:  With Eatinng restaurant management system the order taking system is simplified.  Customers can pre-order their food, pre-book their table and while it enhances their ease it gets simpler for the restaurant also to take and process the orders.  Since customers are placing the order themselves, there is no scope of misunderstanding and end result is as per the customer expectation.  Also, since customers are pre-booking their tables, there is no waiting time for them.  It helps restaurant to prepare for the customer and when customers also have the option to pre-order their food, there is absolutely no delay for the customer, thus enhancing their experience.  With Eatinng, it is possible for the customer to have the best dining experience without any chance of miscommunication or misunderstanding.  This in turn helps in optimising the table management and makes life easy for restaurant owners.


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