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How you can systematize order preparation process using Eatinng?

In the restaurant business it is imperative that each order that is taken is properly processed so the right order reaches the right customer.  This involves various steps right from taking of the order at the table by the waiter to passing it on to the kitchen staff for them to prepare the food and then sending it to cashier for the billing.  At each step it is required that information is passed on correctly for a good and satisfactory experience for the customer.  There is no scope for error as even single error means a dissatisfied customer, and a dissatisfied customer is a loss in the restaurant business.  Not only this, there are chances of wastage of food if the wrong order is served to the customer which the customer refuses to accept.

If you have a restaurant and you  want to avoid such situations, you would be interested in knowing the all important feature of Eatinng, which completely eliminates the scope of such an error for the restaurants.

This feature is KOT and Kitchen display system(KDS) and food order all in 1 feature.   With this feature it is ensured that there is no delay in the placement of the order.  Having a restaurant KOT which is automated, reduces the chances of errors that happen with manual system of KOT.  It not only saves time, it helps you to have real-time reporting of all the orders at your restaurant, and reduces monetary loss.

There is a systematic process by which as soon as the order is placed it is reflected in the KDS, therefore there is a connect between the front end and the backend of the operations leading to efficient preparation of the order by the kitchen staff and updation of the order status for the waiters to serve it hot as soon as the food is ready to be served.

Therefore if you want a system that is fast and easy,  and helps you satisfy your customers and keeps them coming again and again you must have Eatinng restaurant management system in place.

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