Bye-bye to physical health with e-learning?

Eyesight problems and headaches, insomnia and backaches, irritability, obesity, and fatigue, and the list might just keep going on if the duration of screen-time for learners increases further. E-learning has taken a toll on the physical, and mental health of children. Why and how? One only needs to retrospect if they are students, and observe their children if they are parents.

Learners have reduced physical activity as a result of online classes. The Physical education (PE) hour or the sports period that most schools give one or two hours to each week was out of the timetable last year. The physical activity component in school plays an important role in an educational setting. It introduces children to different sports and physical activities and keeps them fit physically. All students might not be sportspersons, but online classes take away the chance of even walking to the classroom or around the school campus.

There is also the concern of straining one’s eyes with online classes involving staring at the screen for long hours. It is thus imperative to focus on the eye health of the learners. Constant headaches and painting eyes are complaints made often at the end of a long day wherein one spends most of the day looking at their screen.

It has also been reported that there is a deficiency in Vitamin D as children do not go out as often as they used to when schools were happening offline. Muscle spasms, muscle rigidity, problems with body posture, obesity, are problems that have been on the rise as a result of e-learning. It was also observed that there has been an increase in the number of physical injuries amongst children due to increased enthusiasm, the desperation of being isolated at one’s home, and the need to get out.

While technology can be a great advantage, the shift to online learning that took place hastily over the last year did not focus on these detrimental factors. The physical health of children and learners will only further deteriorate if we don’t pay heed to these aspects.

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