Curriculum Leadership

Curriculum Leadership

Curriculum development is a crucial part of any course. To develop a good curriculum, an institution requires a person familiar with the concept. “Curriculum leadership requires rigorous consideration of content, progression, assessment and pedagogy, the essence of teaching.” (Harris, 2021.) Principals and even teachers could be suitable curriculum leaders. When a teacher leads the classroom using this method, the centrality of their role becomes more well-defined. It gives them autonomy to work with different trajectories which they find effective.

A major portion of the work of a curriculum leader involves management. It is their duty to promote student learning by planning and implementing the curriculum.

According to an article CURRICULUM LEADER published by Scotch College, the leader is to ensure the following:

  • Systematic innovation in curriculum

  • Design systematic innovation in teaching and learning practices

  • Management of people and relationships

  • Management of resources

  • Management of information

  • Continuous improvement through reflective practice”

Further, the article mentions how a curriculum leader must establish an ‘action plan’ with ‘appropriate indicative targets.’

A curriculum leader also serves the following roles:

1) Manager of people: The leader is required to ensure that the people working in the organization experience professional growth in their respective fields of work.

2) Manager of resources: They have to maintain, develop the resources and the budget required for implementing the framed curriculum. 

3) Managers of information: They are required to communicate the idea of the curriculum with teachers, the stakeholders, and the staff.

Further, the leader also needs to participate in “professional review or reflective practice” according to the article. Retrospection of the progress and failures so far will help to frame the curriculum better in the future.

Thus, sufficient knowledge on developing a curriculum and the ability to manage all related tasks and people are important attributes of a curriculum leader.

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