Learning Made Better with Technology

Learning Made Better with Technology

Technology in education is definitely an advantage. E-learning is an easier, less complex process that makes a student better understand the concept that needs to be learnt. But it has many more advantages to it too.

To begin with, technology does not limit the time-frame within which a student can learn. Schools have a fixed working time. A student has to be there at that particular time to attend the class. You have to learn Mathematics at 9 AM because the schedule says so. But with the course online, the Algebra could be learnt at your leisure. Similarly, the city Library might function from 10AM to 6PM only, but with the internet as your source of information, content is available all day long and at the comfort of your house. Learning made flexible!

Consider a case where a learner has doubts with regarding to what the author has mentioned, they can always contact them and clarify it with them directly. All one needs to do is find the mail ID or the Linked in Profile of the author and send them a message. This will enable the student to get the response of the writer instead of a middle-man’s interpretation. Learning made direct!

Thirdly, e-learning saves a lot of time, especially the time spent in commuting to the place of learning, because learning can happen anywhere with it online. One doesn’t have to wait for the train or be worried about the delayed bus. They can learn at the leisure of their homes, and at comfort of their sofas. If one is suffering from a back pain and cannot afford to travel, they could still attend the seminar if it was a webinar and was conducted online. Pregnant women or new mothers would definitely find it easier than searching an alternative to take care their new born. Also, since one doesn’t have to be physically present at the place of learning, one can be at the place where the situation demands them to be and still attend the session. If there is a marriage which you have to attend in a different city, you can still attend the online class before the marriage from the other city if you have your device with you. And so, Learning made comfortable!

Thus, adding on to the first few adjectives are these – technology makes learning flexible, direct and comfortable.


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