inner workings of the human body

Learning Better!

With the increased use of technology for education, the students have and almost unlimited access to information. This is a good thing and vastly widens the scope of learning.

The access to information also allows the student to not only read further into one topic but also delve into other related topics to gain a wholesome understanding. For example, A student wishing to learn more about how Myocardial infarction (Heart attack) works might google the same, and from there, they can further research on how the functioning of the heart. This might eventually lead the student to learn about the cardiovascular system. Had this process been offline, it would have required traversing various textbooks and largely inanimate printed matter. However, the online process just requires entering a few keys on the keyboard, and one can access information on everything from the heart to the chemical structure of Haemoglobin in a jiffy. Learning made it easier!

Most websites have external links embedded within the text of their articles or an “also read” on a similar topic. To further refer to sources from a textbook’s bibliography involves searching through libraries and suitable sources. To even think about the whole process and the work it would require is indeed tiring. But if it is online, the citations and a references list at the end of the article can help one source where the information initially comes from. One can also access the latest updates on the topic if they click on the news tab of their google search. Learning made less complicated!

The use of simulations and 3-d models that can be portrayed on a screen enhances the understanding capacity of the students. This is especially true for detailed processes such as explaining the inner workings of the human body or the basic structure of an atom. These simulations aid a learner to grasp the concept better. The probability a child can understand how the heart works is better with this video than with just diagrams of the heart and blood vessels. Learning with better understanding!

And hence, with easier access to information, and better understanding, it is much that a learner can benefit by inculcating technology into the learning process. Learning made better!

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