Technology and Gen Z

Technology and Gen Z

While Technology definitely makes learning easier, do the students enjoy the learning process? The results of a recent survey conducted by Quizlet, and published in the Journal show that Teachers find technology as a tool to make the learning process fun, and students find it very helpful.

A majority of the teachers and most students have a preference for using apps and tech tools as a learning aid. For teachers, it makes the process of teaching easier and for students, it makes learning an enjoyable and quicker process. The study found that students consider tech tools as a quicker means when compared to traditional methods of lectures and worksheets. This is especially with respect to the ‘Gen Z’ generation of learners.

Gen Z happens to be a whole generation that grew up alongside the rise of the internet, and therefore are most likely to be ‘tech-savvy’ individuals. Almost all of their activities seem to be related to technology in one way or the other. In a survey conducted by Adobe, the results showed that both Gen Z learners and educators consider technology as a defining characteristic of this generation and believe that they learn the best from creativity and the process of creating – Technology gives the much-needed space for both of these activities.

With individuals belonging to Gen-Z considering themselves as “smart” and “creative,” there has been a constant rise in student interest to learn Computer programming and designing. Ethical hacking has also been a go-to option for many people. Tech-geeks and computer-nerds are definitely much respected and sought-after given the current times and the increased use of technology in everyday life.

Technology not only makes learning an enjoyable process but also gives a multitude of options for a learner to explore the huge array of the network and make a career out of it. Given the fact that technology makes life easier, more people enjoy engaging with technology. This in turn has given rise to more people who work on making technology an enjoyable aid.

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