learning management system

What is LMS and How is it Useful?

A learning management system (LMS) is a computer program/ software application that is used in the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, and training or development programs. The LMS forms a major part of e-learning. It aids the management of almost all aspects of the learning process.

An LMS allows the learning material to be customized according to the learner’s needs while also making it easier for the tutor to keep a tab of the student’s achievement and progress in a hassle-free manner. There are three human components/users to an LMS:

  • The administrator who sets up the LMS according to the organisation’s needs;
  • The instructor who guides the learners as to what course to opt for, how to go about it as well as grade them and keep a tab on their progress;
  • The student who is at the receiving end of the service and can learn using the LMS.

A student here isn’t necessarily just a school-going kid but can also be company employees of an organization, government agency, or private business, or even the general public opting for learning courses.

An important aspect of any online course is how it is organised and how the learner progress is reviewed. Any well-designed LMS should be able to automate repeated tasks and allow its users to make changes and updates to multiple items. An LMS should be designed in a way best suited to the organisation’s aims and should provide flexibility to the users to organise the content and learning sessions in multiple ways. Given the increased usage of phone and easier access to the device by the masses, any learning management system should also be able to cater through mobile phones with touch friendly interactions and while also focusing on making content available offline.

Apps and web portals are ways through LMS functions. Technology makes it easier to monitor and assess student progress because gathering and analysing of data and statistics with respect to attendance, student grades and other performance metrics becomes a less tedious process. Features such as automatic enrolment, white-board, check-point tests and worksheets, online attendance forms and digital calendars makes the LMS user-friendly and enhances the learning process.



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