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Why do students value technology in the learning process?

We belong to the age where tabs have replaced textbooks and all one needs is a phone to access a research paper. Do students as learners value this change and consider it for the better? One thing to keep in mind is given that most of the work-force operates online and requires computer and AI, being tech-savvy is an obvious advantage to anyone.

Students often find laptops more fun than textbooks, and YouTube videos as better than a boring lecture. Technology also prepares a student for the future in the sense that jobs that had no requirement for digital components can have one now. Technology is part of most jobs starting from data entry and moving on to higher levels of programming. If not as part of your work, you will at least require technology to contact other persons and meet clients abroad virtually. It’s everywhere! And supposedly for the better.

Technology also helps a learner to learn at their own pace and at a time best suited for them. Let us take Coursera for example, a platform that offers both paid and free version of learning courses online. Assume X signs up for a course on Game theory. She begins the course, and mid-way through a session she receives a phone call that she must answer. She has the option to pause the video, and get back to it whenever possible at a later time. X would never be able to do this in a physical live-lecture. Forget attending the call, the phone would possibly be on mute so as to not disturb an ongoing class.

While all courses on Coursera are available for free, for tutor review and to receive a course completion certificate, one would be required to pay a fee. And What’s even better? X could attend a course offered by Stanford University all while she is based in Chennai, India. The best quality of education made available all around the world.

Technology also makes it easier for students across the world to contact each other and exchange ideas and have lively conversations going. It has also been observed that there is a tendency for students to help one another out on the use of technical skills. Online courses help us find like-minded people with similar interests. And so, technology is of much value to a learner indeed.



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